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Our Products

Medisco Group offers a great selection of dental supplies such as Zirconia Discs, Patient Bibs, Tray Covers, Headrest Covers, Disposable Cups, Surgical Tips, Saliva Ejectors, Barrier films, Cotton rolls, Gauze & Tipped Applicators. All products are distributed through dealers at a fair price and backed by the Medisco Group guarantee quality.

Our products are designed & produced using the best and most appropriate materials & manufacturing processes to ensure that our dealers can consistently rely on us.

Grand ML Dental Zirconia

GRAND ML Multilayered Zirconia / Ea

Medisco – Grand MLTM Multilayered Dental Zirconia used for dental restoration using open CAD/CAM systems, 98mm

Health Canada Approved. 



Medisco - Intraoral Dental Mixing Tips 50/pack

  • Medisco Disposable Silicone Rubber Impression Intraoral Dental Mixing Tips 
  • Make of high-quality silicon rubber, easy to use.

    Dental silicone rubber printing film mixing head, high precision, 1:1 mixed evenly

Impression Gun

Medisco - Impression Gun

Medisco Impression material hand dispense gun is a convenient way to add impression materials to impression trays. Ergonomically designed for efficient dispensing without hand-strain.

Saliva Ejector

Medisco - Saliva Ejector 1000/pack

Provides optimal suction without aspirating tissue.

Perfectly bendable, yet firmly holds the shape you create for maximum comfort.


Medisco - Disposable 5 oz Plastic Medical Dental Cups 1000/pack

  •   Strong plastic disposable cups
  • Rolled lip for patient comfort
  • Great for medical and or dental offices as well as everyday use
  • Available in: White, Blue,Yellow, Pink,Green, Lavender   


Medisco - Dental Bibs 500/pack

    • Maximum protection with water repellent edge
    • Increased strength and tear resistance with plastic backing
    • 33 cm x  45.5 cm
    • Available in: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Lavender 
    Grand ML Dental Zirconia

    Cotton Tipped Applicators-Non-sterile - 1000/pack

    • 100% cotton-tipped swabs, 2 pack of 100
    • 3″ and 6″ long with a strong wooden stick
    • Highly absorbent
    • Sizes: 3″ and 6″

    Non Woven Gauze

    Medisco Non Woven Sponges  provides maximum absorbency and little adhesion to wounds.

    • Soft, smooth and strong
    • Non linting
    • Great alternative to cotton-filled sponges
    • 2″ x 2″ / 4″ x 4″

    Impression Gun

    HVE Evacuation Suction Dental Tips, White, Vented 1000/pack

    • SMOOTH EDGES to reduce the risk of lacerating oral tissue.
    • STANDARD SIZE – fit all standard 11mm suction holders.
    • USE AS A RETRACTOR – used to retract cheeks and tongue.

    Grand ML Dental Zirconia

    Cotton Rolls

    • Medisco -High-quality cotton, absorbent strong.
    • Not easily be broken.
    • Flexible for easy placement, while maintaining shape.
    • Soft, pliable material minimizes soft tissue trauma.



    Cotton Roll Dispenser

    • Medisco Cotton Rolls Dispenser
    • Equipped with a drawer for dispensing 3-4 dental rolls at a time.
    • The unused rolls are protected from dust and spray.


    Impression Gun

    Headrest Cover | White 500/pack

    Medisco Headrest Covers dental white

    • 10″ x 10″ 
    • 10″ x 13″ 
    • 2-Ply Tissue / Poly
    • Non-sterile

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    We carry a variety of products that include all Dental Medical Supplies form PPE and Infection Control to Sterilization Accessories and Disposables. 

    Our products are produced using the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that dentists can consistently rely on our products.

    Better Dental Care is Our Mission

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